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FP 7 Project CHANGES

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Between 2011 and 2014, the Institute of Geography will be involved in the FP 7 Project CHANGES. The CHANGES network will develop an advanced understanding of how global changes (related to environmental and climate change as well as socio-economical change) will affect the temporal and spatial patterns of hydro-meteorological hazards and associated risks in Europe; how these changes can be assessed, modeled, and incorporated in sustainable risk management strategies, focusing on spatial planning, emergency preparedness and risk communication.
Romania will host one of the project's four case-studies, represented by Buzau County. The researches will be conducted within the Institute of Geography and the Patarlagele Natural Hazards Research Centre.
A series of 12 Ph.D positions, financed by the European Community, are available within the European Marie Curie Initial Training Network CHANGES.

For more information please visit www.itc.nl/changes

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