This new title of the Studii şi cercetări geografice Journal assigned after tome XXXVII 1990, continues the series of Geography periodicals, issued under the aegis of the Romanian Academy, beginning with 1954, as follows:
Probleme de geografie, vol. I (1954) – vol. X (1963);
Studii şi cercetări de geologie, geofizică şi geografie, Seria Geografie, t. XI (1964) – t. XXXVI (1989);
Studii şi cercetări de geografie, t. XXXVII (1990) – t. LV (2009). In 1969, a first thematic index of the Studii şi cercetări de geologie, geofizică şi geografie, Seria Geografie Journal, covering the 1953-1969 interval (t. I - XVI), was appended to tome XVI No 2, and updated in t XLIX-L, 2002-2003 with a geographical thematic index of the authors and personalities included in these journals.
The articles found in Studii şi cercetări de geografie Journal are written by specialists in various fields of Geography and tackle a wide range of issues: Methodology, Geographical Terminology, History of Geography, Geomorphology, Climatology, Hydrology, Biogeography, Environment, Geography of Population and Settlements, Historical Geography, Economic Geography, Geography of Tourism, Toponimy, etc. The topics are discussed at national, regional and local levels. Before publication, every article is reviewed by two specialists.

Index of SCG -T. XVII (1970)-T. XLIX-L (2002-2003)
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