Romanian financed projects

The vulnerability of the environment and settlements to floods in Romania in the context of Global Environmental Change (VULMIN). Coordinator: Prof. Dan Balteanu www.igar-vulmin.ro
Decision-making conceptual system to support the management of urban waters (URBWATER). Coordinator: Dr. Radu Sageata
Convergent interdisciplinary solutions for territorial planning and for the structure of transport systems to attain sustainable development and a better quality of life (TERITRANS). Coordinator: Prof. Claudia Popescu
Tools, guidelines and indicators to include environmental aspects in agricultural, forestry and water management policies, from top-down approaches to involving the local communities (TOGI). Coordinator: Prof. Dan Balteanu
Complex ecological method of estimating and biomonitoring the Somes Drainage Basin (MONISON). Coordinator: Calin Danut
Integrated assessment of the mining impact on the environment of the Upper Crisul Alb and Certej basins (Apuseni Mts), Romania, and cross-border river pollution. Coordinator: Prof. Dan Balteanu
G I S – based elaboration of hazard maps and assessment of the quality of the environment in the mining areas of Maramures and Satu Mare counties. Coordinator: Dr. Basarab Driga
Depleting the environmental impact of hazardous solid wastes by inactivation, conformable with the EU Aquis (INERTECH). Coordinator: Dr. Basarab Driga
Sustainable management of solid wastes deposited within inactive mining sites, conformable with the EU Aquis (DESOLSITMIN). Coordinator: Dr. Basarab Driga
Transformation of old historical salines for the sustainable use of rock salt resources in eco-tourism and relaxation treatments (RESTSALDUR). Coordinator: Dr. Basarab Driga
Implementation of the European environment policy to efficiently use rock salt resources (MEDEUROSAR). Coordinator: Daniel Ciupitu

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