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Romanian Danube Valley. Sustainable development prospects
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Hazard, vulnerability and resilience to floods in Romania. Approaches at different spatial scales
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Geosciences history in Romania
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Lower Danube Basin. Approaches to Macroregional Sustainability
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Romania-Nature and Society
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Invasive terrestrial plant species in the Romanian protected areas. A geographical approach
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Cross-border co-operation Euro-regions in the Lower Danube Basin. Geographical Study
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A Bibliography of scientific productions by the members of the Institute of Geography, 1995-2014
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Geographical dictionary of Romania (vol. I-II)
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Romania-Space, Society, Environment
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Political-administrative decisions and educational activities during the Coronavius pandemic (March 2020 - March 2022). The case of Romania
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Theriofauna in southeastern Moldavia
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A Geographical study of social risks in the Romanian Danube Valley. Applications in the Turnu Măgurele-Giurgiu sector
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The great bustrad in Romania. A biogeographical study
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Climate of the Romanian Carpathians
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Fallow deer from Romania
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