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Land Use and Land Cover Changes in a Global Environmental Change Context-The Contribution of Geography
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Areas of ethnic merger in the Carpathian cross-border sector between Romania and Ukraine, geopolitics and geohistory
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Northern and Eastern Romanian Border Counties - Socio-Economic Development at the Fringe of the European Union
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Territorial Development in Romania: Regional disparities
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Changes in the Dynamics and Demographic Structure of the Romanian Rural Population: An Overview of the Post-communist Period
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Regional Spatial and Statistical Analyses of the Urban-Rural Relationships in Romania. Case Study: Romanian Plain
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Integrated Geological-Geophysical Models of Unstable Slopes in Seismic Areas
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Numerical Models of Unstable Slopes in Seismic Areas-Based on 3D Geomodels
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Multi-Temporal Landslide Susceptibility Maps and Future Scenarios for Expected Land Cover Changes (Southern Apennines, Italy)
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The Systematic of Landslide Processes in the Conditions of Romania's Relief
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Landslide Types and Spatial Pattern in the Subcarpathian Area
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Climate Change Projections for a Medium-Size Urban Area (Baia Mare Town, Romania): Local Awareness and Adaptation Constraints
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Mass Movements
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Predicting the Potential Distribution of Ailanthus altissima, an Invasive Terrestrial Plant Species in Macin Mountains National Park (Romania)
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Environmental Changes in the Maramures Mountains Natural Park
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Fostering Community Outreach Activities for Environmental Sustainability Through a Cross-Border Academic Research Partnership
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Implementing Campus Greening Initiatives
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Scenarios of Land Cover Change and Landslide Susceptibility: An Example from the Buzau Subcarpathians, Romania
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Landslides in the Romanian Curvature Carpathians in 2010
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Human Pressure on the Environment in the "Muntii Maramuresului" Natural Park
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