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Natural Hazards Research Center

The Center lies in the Subcarpathians of Buzau (Pătârlagele locality), a region with a critical environment, high relief dynamics and high human pressure, all of which justify the epithet of "natural laboratory".
The area belongs to one of the most active seismic units in Europe, also recording an elevated mean specific erosion rate.
Observations have in view the present-day geomorphic processes, topoclimatic particularities, modifications in the structure and composition of the plant cover and the effects of land use changes on landscape dynamics. Human geography investigations in the rural area, with highlight on the social and economic impact of the transition period are important as well.
After 1990 a new research programme was set up. Apart from the geomorphological aspects, much of the research was concentrated on land use, land-cover changes, the role of vegetation on landslide slopes and on the hydrological aspects of small catchments. Assessment of erosion processes is based on stationary and itinerant measurements. The findings have shown the important role played by various types of rock and land use in the development and evolution of erosion processes.
In order to estimate the share of various types of land use, rocks and soil, GIS techniques have been applied, the results being used to work out a general territorial outline.


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