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Inter-Academic Exchanges

Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Warsaw, Poland: Socio-economic impact of the Ukrainian refugees. Comparative studies in Poland and Romania
Coordinators: Romanian part: Dr. Bianca MITRICĂ ; Polish part: Dr. Michal KONOPSKI

Geographical Institute, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences: Economic, social and environmental urban disparities in Romania and Hungary
Coordinators: Romanian part: Dr. Bianca MITRICĂ ; Hungarian part: Dr. Patrik TÁTRAI

Institute for Regional Studies, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, West Hungarian Research Department, Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Cross-border Cooperation in the Middle and Lower Danube Basin. Geographical Studies with focus on Hungarian and Romanian Danubian Cities
Coordinators: Romanian part: Dr. Radu SĂGEATĂ ; Hungarian part: Dr. Tamás HARDI

Tel Aviv University, Israel: Challenges and implications of the urban-rural relationships. Comparative studies from Romania and Israel
Coordinators: Romanian part: Dr. Ines GRIGORESCU; Israel part: Prof. Dr. Michael SOFER

Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences: Urban extension dynamics: a comparative analysis of Bratislava and Bucharest
Coordinators: Romanian part: Dr. Monica DUMITRAŞCU; Slovak part: Dr. Monika KOPECKÁ